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Merrill Valley Photography at fotolog
Martin Baker’s daily photo blog.

Peacock, Carter & Associates
“Peacock, Carter & Associates is a web design and web development partnership based in and around Newcastle, Durham and Leicester. We don’t just create fantastic websites: we love designing graphics, company identities and printed media such as letterheads and business cards too!”

Perfectly Engraved
A beautiful selection of sterling silver picture frames. You can even add a personal touch to your item by getting it engraved.

Claire Morgan Photography
Practical Photography magazine Photographer of the Year 2005 Claire Morgan says: “My photographs come from my own fantasies and unconscious life. They come from my feelings at the time and place of taking. I take pictures to record, to understand the reality, and to capture the beauty of the world. To gain greater knowledge about myself and the world around and within me. To search beyond myself. I use it as an alternative means of personal expression and an exploration for personal enlightenment.”

The White Tree Fund
Renewal. Healing. Enduring hope. A non-profit organization supporting charities engaged in the following areas through organizing fund and awareness-raising drives and events within communities dedicated to exploring fantasy and mythology through study, art, literature, music and film:

  • issues of human health and medical concerns through crisis response or other humanitarian programs
  • literacy initiatives & programs for children & adults
  • environmental initiatives relevant to deforestation

Ted Nasmith
Canadian artist Ted Nasmith is best known as an illustrator of the works of JRR Tolkien, though his work also encompasses architectural and automotive illustration. A keen musician, he has recently released an audio CD, The Hidden Door: Songs in the Key of Enchantment. Ted’s website is maintained by Merrill Valley Photography’s Martin Baker.

Acoustic Circus
“Acoustic Circus is a voluntary-run, non-profit making organisation which exists to promote and encourage singer/songwriters in the North East by any means we can. Every month, we put on a gig to provide a platform for the best new talent in the region. We allow the songs and musicians to shine by stripping to the bare bones of acoustic instruments. The result is a raw, honest sound for each performer.”

Operation Photo Rescue
“Operation Photo Rescue (OPR) is a volunteer network of professional photojournalists and amateur digital photographers, graphic designers, image restoration artists and others. OPR’s mission is to repair photographs damaged by unforeseen circumstances such as house fires and natural disasters at no cost to the people who own them.”

“Real photo prints from the UK’s first and best online lab.”


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